I Keep Arriving Back at Perl

Posted by sam Mon, 07 Feb 2011 23:53:00 GMT

For some reason I keep finding myself writing Perl code. In 2011. Over the last couple of months I’ve written enough Ruby to make my head spin, and yet, in a fix, I find myself back in the arms of Perl.

Recently I needed to parse some Apache virtual host configurations into some Nagios configuration file stanzas, a BIND zonefile and a hosts file for a project for my employer. Perl. On some private boxes not yet big enough to warrant a full Nagios installation I needed a script to run the CLI from the Clickatell SMS Gem in response to various /proc values. Perl.

Picture credit: reidrac

I like to think that my Perl is well written. I avoid implicits: $_, and the like, `use strict`, pass “-w” and declare all of my variables up-front. Sometimes I even entertain taint checking. It’s not perfect by any means, and not everybody’s style, but if you’re familiar with a C-like language you can probably read it. If you’ve written pseudo-code, you can read it. If you’re a patterns infected developer professional you’ll wince a bit. No FactoryFactories here. Objection orientation has its place, but it isn’t knocking up a quick 5 minute script to remove all of the commas from a YAML file driven by SOAP calls via wget in a panic.

I don’t think that anybody really pretends that Perl is the best thing to begin a new large-scale development project with today. But that doesn’t mean that Perl is down and out. Whilst Ruby gained frameworks and conferences and spawned religions, Perl sat there in it’s varied and glorious assorted version 5 point releases on nearly every UNIX-like box on the planet, just waiting for someone to ignore the framework bling and me-too bits and get stuck into good old text manipulation and nicking bits off of CPAN.

I’m by no means a language fanatic; I like all sorts. And I’ll tackle ActiveState or Strawberry if you force me, too. Perhaps it’s familiarity. Perhaps I simply don’t know Ruby or Python or anything else as well as I think I do. Or perhaps for your common or garden UNIX-style, “text as a univeral interface” basic string hackage, Perl is the crusty mig-welding old nutter who might just get you home?


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